Meatball Minute: Bryce Loves Deep Dish

“Favorite food?” he responded when asked by TMZ. “Probably Chicago. They got great food. I like this place called Steak 48, it’s really good. Deep dish of course.”
Source: MLB hot stove: Bryce Harper still isn’t sure where he’ll sign, but his stomach is pointing him to Chicago and New York –

Well I guess that about seals it. Time to make room for Bryce Harper in the outfield by trading away Avi. I’m glad the Sox already have a head start, they must’ve heard about this deep dish news before it broke publicly. Kudos to the scouting staff for keying in on what’s important.

Now all that’s left is to outbid the team to the North. We also have to consider the uniforms. I highly doubt Harper wants to go back to wearing red and blue given the disappointment he went through in Washington. 

The biggest roadblock may be the jersey number. Harper wears the same number as our beautiful boy Michael Kopech, 34. Both players are so majestic, it’s hard to decide who should get to keep their number. Can you imagine those two trotting onto the field together? Their magnificent flows glimmering in the sun on Opening Day…it’s glorious. 

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