The Cuts Have Begun, Here’s the First Round

Yesterday, the White Sox sent Nick Madrigal, Blake Rutherford, Luis Gonzalez, Bernardo Flores and Jordan Guerrero to minor league camp. It’s the first round of cuts this spring and there’s nothing too surprising about the players that were sent packing.

I take it a bit personally that the Sox couldn’t keep our Sweet Nicky Boy around at least until the televised games start. Seeing the newest toy on TV could’ve been the “throw them a bone” action that Rick and staff gave to the fans after our hearts were ripped out of our chests and shown to us this offseason. It’s possible, however, that the Sox are just protecting Tim Anderson from realizing that Madrigal is already better than him.

I would’ve liked to see Big Blake Rutherford and his newly formed muscles on TV as well. Strategically speaking, since he can’t hit home runs in regular atmospheres the least the Sox could’ve done is kept him around to hit a few dingers in that Arizona air to get his confidence up.

More demotions of future White Sox will happen in the coming weeks, but the most entertaining part of Cut Season 2019 will be hearing what excuse the White Sox decide to go with when they demote Eloy. It should make for a good laugh when the time comes.

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